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Yahoo Will Shut Down Beijing Office and Quit China

Written By Pertahanan Bangsa on Sunday, 29 March 2015 | 03:26

The tech giant has announced its plans to close its last office in China as part of its new cost-cutting strategy. 

According to media reports, shutdown of Yahoo’s research and development in Chinese office will cut 200 to 300 jobs. 

The California-based company confirmed that it notified employees about the closure a few days ago. In fact, Yahoo has cut staff elsewhere in its attempt to keep up with the Internet market’s transition to portable devices instead of desktop computers.

Leaving China follows the company’s announcement made in January about its intentions to spin off its stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. By the way, the latter listed on the New York Stock Exchange in a record offer back in 2014. 

Nine years earlier, in 2005, Yahoo acquired a 40% stake in Alibaba for $1bn and turned over control of its China operations to the group. However, Yahoo stopped offering its services in the country in 2013.

The financial experts point out that Yahoo’s profit for the most recent quarter fell twice compared to a year earlier, with the company’s revenue dipping just 1%.

Source : Torrent 

Robot 225 Thousand Sold During 2014

Written By Pertahanan Bangsa on Tuesday, 24 March 2015 | 06:21

Sales of industrial robots in the world increased by 27 percent in 2014. This increase was driven by demand from the automotive and electronics industries, especially in China and South Korea.
Quoted by Reuters, the Federation of International Robot (IFR) said about 225 thousand robots were sold during 2014, nearly two-thirds of them are sold in Asia. Domestic robot suppliers in China said on 56 thousand robots were sold in China, about 16 thousand came from domestic suppliers. The rest, supplied from foreign suppliers such as from Switzerland, Germany, and Japan.
China has a ratio of 30 robot robotic circuitry than 10 thousand manufacturing workers. This comparison is lower than in Korea. Now, China seeks to increase the use of robots because of high inflation led to higher wages. This has an impact on the competitiveness of human labor.
Last year, the biggest market of robots namely China, South Korea, Japan, USA and Germany. Fifth markets represent 75 percent of global sales of robots.

Source : Republika

Marine Park Olele coupled with Bunaken

Written By Pertahanan Bangsa on Saturday, 21 March 2015 | 08:53

Bone Regent Bolango Hamim Pou said local residents fully support the implementation of Sail Tomini involving two provinces, Gorontalo and Central Sulawesi, as well as Olele Festival which was held in the district.
"Two of this event is for the promotion of tourism potential and Bone County Bolango and Gorontalo province," said Hamim, Tuesday, March 17, 2015.
Hamim invites residents to the success of the activities which will be held September 2015 was to always maintain the security and continuing to support the government in infrastructure improvement programs.
Infrastructure in several attractions in the area continue to be improved. Among Olele Marine Park, Niagara Lobongo, and Botutonuo Beach. "Hopefully in 2015 there is an increasing international and domestic tourists visit for a closer look regional potential," said Hamim.
Previously, Hamim wanted one marine potentials in the area, such as the Marine Park Olele, be known to the world.
"I want to Ocean Park Olele it can be juxtaposed with some maritime tourist attraction in Indonesia, such as Bunaken Marine Park in Manado, Raja Ampat in Papua, to the other attractions in Bali and Lombok," said Hamim.
Steps are being encouraged by the Government of Bone Bolango is doing promotion, both nationally to foreign countries. Then make breakthroughs to add to the improvement of infrastructure in the tourist sites, including the hook investors to develop the tourism in Olele.

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Amazon Begin Use "Drone" to Send Goods

Amazon finally started to ship items using drones customer orders. Delivery using new drone applied as a test only.
The company's largest e-commerce United States (US), it has been revealed plans to use drones delivery since 2013 ago. 

However, a trial license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded on Thursday (03/19/2015) local time.
As KompasTekno quoted by Reuters on Friday (20/03/2015), FAA provides airworthy certificate at the business unit Octocopter Amazon and prototype drones to operate in the vicinity of his personal as well as rural area in the state of Washington.
In addition, the FAA also provide other restrictions. The certificate is only valid on certain drones. Amazon must submit a new certification if they make modifications or use another drone models.
Drone that deliver the ordered items will have to fly at an altitude below 120 meters. They also have to maintain the position of drones in order to remain visible.
Drone operator must have to qualify for special requirements. They are required to have a private pilot's license and certificate of the latest medical condition. Amazon also must deposit the monthly data to the government.
Ambition "drone" Amazon
Step Amazon utilizing drones for the delivery of goods has been revealed since 2013 ago. The goal is to increase the speed of service delivery.
The company led by Jeff Bezos is using drones named Octocopter for short-haul flights. Amazon ensure that deliveries can be made within 30 minutes if using these tools.
Problem lift-lift capability, Octocopter is claimed could carry a weight of 2.3 kilograms. Unfortunately, not all items can be delivered using Octocopter, but only 86 percent of total goods in the Amazon catalog.
Drones or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is not currently proficient in reading environment. Therefore, it would be dangerous if flying in a densely populated area.

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Wear Android Smartphone Now Can Find Missing

Home or workplace that messy often makes us forget where to put stuff. If it were so, the mind becomes worse and anger rising. Moreover, if the runoff is a smartphone and we are really in need of these smart devices.
Wear Android device users may have experienced such kerunyaman. Well, Android Wear can now simplify user searches for the missing Android smartphone.
Reported KompasTekno, Friday (20/03/2015) from TheVerge, users simply say "Ok, Goolge. Start. Find my phone," or selecting the option "Find my phone" in the start menu listed on Android Wear.
Afterwards, Android phone users will be ringing with the loudest volume even if the user previously set mode 'silent' or 'silent' on his smartphone.
If it were so, of course users will soon find out where smartphones are probably tucked away in a pile of clothes or books. Now, users no longer need to waste energy looking annoyed useless because smartphones are scattered. No need to also borrow a friend's phone to make calls to the missing phone.
The good news, users do not need to update to embed these features in Android Wear it. By default, this search feature will be pinned next few weeks.
This is made possible by upgrades done by Google in Android Device Manager. As is known, this feature has been introduced since 2013 to help users keep track of the location of Android devices.
Thanks to Android Device Manager, approximately 30 million people are said to have a "reunion" with their tablet devices and previously "separate" the distance and time.

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It is He, the Minimum Specifications for Run Windows 10

Windows 10 scheduled for launch around the middle of this year. Ready owned computer to run the latest operating system from Microsoft?

To answer that question, Microsoft released a description of the minimum system requirements OS is concerned.

As summarized Compass Tekno from PCWorld, Friday (03/20/2015), the minimum hardware requirements that are required for Windows 10 similar PCs with Windows 10 for tablets.

Both devices must have at least a memory (RAM) number 1 GB for Windows 10 versions of 32-bit, or 2 GB for Windows 10 64-bit version.

The graphics card is embedded in the devices required to support API DirectX 9 or higher. The need for storage space (hard disk space) Windows 10 is 16 GB for 32-bit version and 20 GB for 64-bit.

Microsoft will offer Windows Hardware Compatibility program to ensure that a computer can run Windows 10.

The software giant also plans to publish a list of products that are "passed the test" run Windows 10 on its website.

Source : Kompas 

Hackers attacked, World Police Propram Hard Accessed

Written By Pertahanan Bangsa on Thursday, 19 March 2015 | 06:37

Site or country police agency's website located at address allegedly attacked by hackers.  

The site is now inaccessible and suspected in a shutdown condition with the message 'server not found'.

No confirmation from the parties involved, but the site was allegedly being harassed by hackers. The reason, some of the resources mentioned that the site was attacked by hackers infiltrated the strange images that reveal pocong.

Once traced, precisely at 15:55 on Thursday, March 19th, 2015 Access to the site is now closed, and difficult to access back.

Web page now only displays the message 'server not found' even when done tracert command prompt application to application D-Dos Windows 7.

Provisional estimates, the site under repair after suffering attacks from hackers who have not been identified to date.

Source : Okezone

Windows 10 also Guide for Users Gallery

Windows 10 is scheduled to go on sale around the middle of 2015. When it is available later, this new operating system will be obtained free of charge by the owner of a computer operating system based on the previous version, ie Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.
Upgrade for free, according to information gathered by Kompas Tekno by Reuters on Wednesday (03/18/2015), applicable to all owners of versions of Windows on top, both original and pirated.
"We were offered an upgrade to all PC owners who qualify, either original or not, to Windows 10," said Chief of the Division of Microsoft Operating System, Terry Myerson.
According to him, Microsoft's move is partly done to reduce the number of Windwos use pirated in China, a country that is home to hundreds of millions of Windows-based computers.
Despite the large number, only a few computers in the Bamboo Curtain country that is running the original software. A total of approximately three-quarters of them do not use the licensed software.
Microsoft's Windows operating system eliminate 10 to maintain the Windows user base that already exist today. To replace the lost revenue from sales of Windows, Microsoft will sell services such as Office applications via the Internet.
In China, Microsoft is working with a number of partners such as Lenovo, Qihoo 360 Technology, and Tencent to encourage the adoption of Windows 10 when it slid later.
Microsoft is also working with the Xiaomi to provide trial versions of Windows 10 in products smartphone from the Android device manufacturers.

Source : Kompas

Face and Eyes So "Password" Entry Windows 10

In the WinHEC conference that occurred in China on Tuesday (09/17/2015), Microsoft announced that the latest operating system Windows 10 will be equipped with a fingerprint-based security technology, facial recognition, and iris.
The information summarized Compass Tekno from ZDNet, Wednesday (03/18/2015) states that a variety of new methods based biometric called by the name "Windows Hello" will be used to authenticate the login instead of the traditional password.
The introduction of biometric-based security technology such as face identification is relatively safer and easier to use than typing in keywords that are vulnerable stolen or broken easily.
Enough to appear in front of the computer, Microsoft said, a user would immediately be given access to the system. Demonstration of these capabilities can be seen in a video released by Microsoft under.
Together with Windows Hello, Microsoft also introduced the API "Passport" so that third party developers can also take advantage of biometric technology based login in Windows 10, for example in the application, network, or a web page.
Windows 10 biometric data is stored locally on the user's computer and locked cryptographic data. This minimizes the risk of data theft biometry because the information is not transmitted to the outside of the computer.
It should be added that the biometric-based security technology of Windows 10 requires special hardware support.
Fingerprint identification requires a scanner, while face recognition and iris requires hardware support more complex, include Intel's 3D RealSense camera and infrared sensors special. Both are not yet widely available on desktop or laptop computers currently available.
Windows 10 is scheduled to glide around mid-year, in mid 2015. Later, the operating system will be available for free for the owner of a computer running Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.

Source : Kompas
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